Praise For Periodic Survival

It really taught me something.


The only problem is that you have to learn something!


It looks really good, its really fun to play, and it even teaches you something!


Periodic Survival is great way to introduce the concepts of elements, compounds and chemical

formulae. The concepts that one symbol represents one atom and that there may be more than

one of a particular atom in a compound are very clear. The instructions and the advice that is

given during the course of an exercise are clear and encourage the student to persevere. The

graphics that signal the correct answer has been achieved are entertaining and an engaging

way to provide positive feedback.

-Linda Hodgson, Mosman High Head Science Teacher

One thought on “Praise For Periodic Survival

  1. A terrific, educational but FUN game, engages students, who learn about elements and compounds in a meaningful relevant way! Congratulations to the boys who demonstrated such iniative and talent to put it together.

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