What is it?

Periodic Survival is a game based around creating objects or compounds by creating the elements that they contain, such as water, which is H2O. You are meant to create the objects or compounds to survive in a desert.

The Creation of The Game

The idea was formed when we thought of making a science game with elements and decided to build upon this, and though of the “Element Combiner” then we though it should focus around desert survival. Then we started focusing on elements and decided as a group on what elements we should use. Then Declan started programming and the story started forming when Cain started writing. Declan’s dad who runs the programming group we attend, told Declan, Finbar & Alex about Stem & YICT, and they had seen that Alex was a skilled artist and Cain was a distinguished writer, they then recruited Alex and Cain so that the group could win.

About Us

We’re a group of five with Declan as the Programmer, Finbar as the Game tester, Jac as the Sound Designer, Alex as the Artist and Cain as the Writer. We all attend Mosman High School in the academic year 7 class. Declan has programmed since he was 9 years old. 

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